We are your tank asset management company. If you want to rebuild your tanks, call us. If you are looking for restored tanks at 60% of the cost of new, call us. If you have the wrong size tank and want to trade, call us. In short, if you want to save money call us first!


We arrive at your facility with our specialized transport fleet. This allows us to pick up tanks of any size and configuration. It doesn't matter if it's DOT or ASME, vertical or horizontal we'll haul your steel.

Once delivered to our facility, each tank is recorded into our custom database for traceability. Your steel is blasted to a near white metal finish. Your clean tanks are primed with two-part catalyst epoxy primer with a 1500hr salt spray test. Each tank is covered with a pristine two-part catalyst urethane with a UV protection to ensure a long term high gloss. ALL valves are replaced with top quality valves and gauges are rebuilt.

Just like a new tank, they arrive vaccum purged with shrink wrapped valves. Utmost care is given to gingerly handle foam wrapped tanks to ensure that they arrive at your door scratch free and ready to go! 


Advanced Cylinder and Tank sells renewed vessels for your propane operation. Why buy new? A tank that is in the field is a proven tank! Why not take a tank that has a proven record of performance for you and your customer and clean it up for a decade more of proven reliability?

Zero Risk! You receive the same warranty on a quality refurbished tank that you would on a new tank with far greater savings.

60% of the price of a new tank amounts to a 40% savings of your hard earned money. What could you do in your company with 40% more money?


Got lots of steel but not the right use for it? With big shifts in the industry, we know you are going to be overloaded with tanks that aren't making you money. Let us find a home for those tanks and provide you with the steel you need for an ever changing market.

For example, As the gas load has decreased over the past decade, tank capacity has decreased and we have seen a mass change to smaller tanks. As farm gas has moved into and out of different areas, tanks sizes have changed dramatically. This is where ACT can assist Propane dealers in reallocating their steel assets to the appropriate size and configuration.

Let us trun your rust into revenue!